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/Bates Treaty Agreement

Bates Treaty Agreement

It has been reported that the sultan`s income is notoriously deficient and that his desire for American protection is for economic development. Bates used the USS Charleston, the first modern cruiser the Moros had seen, to intimidate the sultan and his datus into accepting the treaty. Anyone can buy land in the Jolo archipelago and keep the same by seeking the agreement of the sultan and concluding a satisfactory agreement with the owner of the country, and such a purchase is immediately registered at the competent office of the United States government. Although it is referred to as a “treaty,” it has been called an agreement that, according to international custom, was of lesser status, since U.S. law does not require the ratification of an “agreement” by the Senate. The Moros were converted in the great missionary expansion of Islam from India in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, although he was converted in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. NOTE: Before the US occupation, the Sultanate of Sulu had been an independent sovereignty for more than three hundred years; during the latter part of the Spanish regime, the sultanate had partially abandoned the exercise of this sovereignty over foreign relations and, to a lesser extent, the port of Job and the other four points occupied by Spanish military garrisons; temporal, partial, but nevertheless de facto, sovereignty existed and was recognized by the “Treaty of Bates” in the term “government of the sultan”, to which the American authorities were bound by this agreement to pass for trials “in which crimes and offenses of Moros are committed against Moros” (Article IX). .

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