/Bilateral Agreement Queensland

Bilateral Agreement Queensland

The bilateral agreement applies to “controlled measures” that require an assessment in accordance with Part 8 of the Environmental protection and biodiversity act 1999 (EPBC) and are subject to an EIS assessment procedure: the explanatory document contains more detailed information on the draft bilateral approval agreement. The legal public notice on the Queensland proposed authorisation expired on Friday, June 13, 2014. The bilateral agreement only covers the evaluation requirements of the EPBC Act evaluation procedure. The Commonwealth Government retains its own powers of authorization under Part 9 of the EPBC Act. On this page you will find all the recent documents relating to the bilateral agreements on the protection and biodiversity of the Environment Act 1999 (EPBC) between the Commonwealth and the State of Queensland with respect to environmental impact assessment and authorization. The bilateral agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of Queensland on environmental assessment (the bilateral assessment agreement) allows the Commonwealth Environment Minister to use certain procedures for assessing the environmental impact of the State of Queensland to assess the measures under EPBC. The proposed bilateral approval agreement provides for the accreditation of Queensland procedures for approving proposed measures that would otherwise be reviewed by the Australian government for approval under the EPBC Act. Only a decision on conditions of authorisation is made by Queensland, with Queensland taking into account issues and issues relating to the national environment. The final bilateral agreement will contain a list of processes that the Federal Minister of the Environment has accredited. These processes are called “accredited processes.” Proposed measures under an accredited procedure do not require separate removal, assessment or approval from the Australian government. Although commonly referred to as the “bilateral agreement,” its full title is “A bilateral agreement between the Commonwealth and the State of Queensland, under Section 45 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation 1999 with respect to environmental impact assessment.” The agreement reflects the joint responsibility of the two governments in the national disability insurance system and provides that both governments can make pre-program contributions.

Section 45 (3) of the EPBC Act requires the Minister to issue, as soon as possible after the start of the draft bilateral agreement with a state or territory, a declaration of intent for the development of a draft bilateral agreement. The notice is published in the government newspaper, in a daily newspaper that circulates in the state or territory and on the ministry`s website. Notice of intent for proposed bilateral agreement with Queensland on environmental approval (PDF – 69.38 KB) | (DOCX – 25.63 KB) Comments from interested parties on the proposed Queensland Assessment Agreement were concluded on Friday, November 21, 2014. Currently, there is no bilateral authorization agreement.

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