/Broad Agency Agreement

Broad Agency Agreement

The “cost share” reflects partner (proponent) funding. Applicants may be federal, national, villages, tribes, non-profit organizations or the private sector. If you are a state agency that applies for BAA funds, your public resources would be “cost-share” of the state. The financial package for each partnership project consists of “partner financing” and “funds requested by 3DEP.” The financial partners and their proposed contribution are included in the “proposal table” in the proposal tool (Annex A). However, many governments receive a portion of their annual operating costs from a federal source and use them according to their own state on the basis of the authorities under which the funds were transferred to the state. The applicant must comply with the specific instructions or conditions set out in the original agreement. Should there be a partnership agreement with another private company or can a private organization take on the entire task of a given IA if it has the capacity? For applicants seeking financial assistance through a cooperation contract or cost-involved contract, the final amount of your premium is set and cannot be changed. The BAA evaluation team reviews your technical proposal and the estimated price to determine if the price represents a fair market value for the proposed acquisition. Applicants are encouraged to consider the cost of acquiring LiDAR prior to submitting a proposal. The Contract Agent (CO) may request additional information or request negotiations with the partner before being assigned if the evaluation team is concerned that the estimated costs do not reflect realistic costs for data collection. Proposals for financial support (cooperation agreements) (for projects acquired through the candidate`s contract) must be submitted electronically via the grants.gov portal.

To apply through the grants.gov portal, go www.grants.gov/web/grants/home.html. Applicants receive an automatic response from grants.gov confirming that the application has been successfully filed with grants.gov. In addition, the applicant receives official confirmation of receipt by the contract agent as soon as the notification expires. For applicants seeking cooperation agreements, applicants must be as explicit as possible in order to support 3DEP`s reporting obligations; However, the minimum requirement is to list agencies that provide funds to directly support the project. If z.B. a State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) makes available $100,000 to support a project, the proposal may list the DNR as a financial partner of the state, regardless of whether or not the State DNR received some of its funding from a federal source. 3DEP would encourage the applicant to take note of any cooperation with federal partners in its project summaries. For those who choose to use geospatial and service contracts (GPSC), non-federal and local partners make available to the USGS their share of the project`s funding through a Joint Financing Agreement (JFA). Federal funding is managed by interage agreements (AI). The USGS encourages all submissions to SeaSketch to include specific POC information. For federal projects that do not have this detail, the USGS provides you with the contact information of the representative of the federal agency at the 3DEP Working Group (WG).

These representatives work at the national level; If they are unable to provide direct assistance, they can pass you on to the corresponding regional POC.

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