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/Computer Network Maintenance Agreement

Computer Network Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance contracts are offered from one month to the next and are offered to all customers without commitment or contract. 3) PERFORMANCEa) The Service Provider undertakes to maintain and repair the Customer`s business computers at the location indicated in this Agreement if necessary.b) The Service Provider undertakes to respond physically or remotely to a service call request within four (4) hours of delivery.c) The Service Provider also undertakes to: preventive maintenance services at the Customer`s workplaces and servers twelve (12) times per year for the duration of this Agreement.d) Remuneration for the maintenance and upkeep of the computer is limited to the cost of labor. If parts or upgrades are required to complete the repair at any given time, the customer has the right to obtain the necessary parts or upgrades from another source, as recommended by the service provider, if you wish. The limitation of liability and warranty of these parts or upgrades are the responsibility of the customer when purchased by an external source and should in no case be authorized by the provider.e) Both parties undertake to do everything necessary to ensure the entry into force of the terms of this agreement. Single Point of Contract: If you have devices from multiple manufacturers, using OEMs for maintenance is expensive and complicated. Staunton Computer Repair reduces confusion with a single point of contact for your entire IT infrastructure. The purpose of the agreement is to provide the customer with a predetermined monthly service for the maintenance of their network, taking into account your IT budget. 8) ALL AGREEMENTS) It is agreed that there is no insurance, guarantee, collatrization or condition influencing this agreement as expressed. 2) DURATION OF THE AGREEMENT( The term of this agreement will begin on the date of this agreement and will remain in full force and effect for the period indicated above under “THE CUSTOMER” of this agreement and will be subject to prior termination, as provided elsewhere in this agreement, the aforementioned term may be renewed by mutual written agreement between the parties. Once the interview is complete; Customers can view technical results by accessing their online accounts and administrative portal. If the technician encounters any errors or anomalies, the customer will be notified by e-mail. Computer Maintenance: Power cable included, standard keyboard and mouse, monitor, basic speaker.

Includes, if necessary, reinstalling the operating system provided by the customer as a result of a hardware error (Microsoft Windows only) and reinstalling the drivers provided by the customer for the devices installed on the computer and the devices listed in the agreement plan. Below is a list of the tasks we perform each month for the maintenance of your computer, especially on the last day of the month around 8 p.m. to 9 p.m., before we know the details by email. You don`t need to lift a finger, just leave the computer on and we`ll take care of the rest. .

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