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/Doctors In Training Agreement Victoria

Doctors In Training Agreement Victoria

As physicians, we tell patients to put their health above the demands of their workplace. But so often we deny the same right. The AMA Victoria DiT Subdivision is the leading group that represents the interests of all physicians in training in Victoria. It can be a powerful driver of change in the health system if it exploits its full potential. Actively engaged membership is the central element of the DiT Subdivision in order to successfully preserve the strength and relevance of this organization to its members. The cornerstone of this new ABE is the significant increase in wages, 19.1% over 4 years The first salary increases will be 9% from 1 January 2018. There will be a $2000 enrollment bonus for full-time physicians in training, prorated for part-time. An increase in the CME allowance of $1000 per year will be made to offset the increase in training and university fees. Then 3% + 3% + 3% each following year. Western Health (Specialist Emergency Physicians) Certified Agreement 2005 A DiT Hospital Contract does not create more than one work period and binds DiT to its hospital`s policies and procedures. If you have any questions or concerns, please email: eba@amavic.com.au You will be encouraged to attend the monthly committee meetings at AMA House so that you can keep up to date with the topics and contribute to the DiT Subdivision agenda. The DiT Subdivision meets on the second Wednesday of the month, with the exception of January. An HMO that pays higher taxes on an 86-hour registrar list is entitled to 76 hours of normal time and then 10 hours overtime, with payment based on the registrar`s hour rate 1 for each hour worked.

The cornerstone of this new EBA is the significant increase in wages, 19.1% over 4 years. . . .

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