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AMWM Hormone Experience

Over the past 15 years, Dr. Ali has been working with a wide range of patients requiring hormone treatment.  One specific patient sticks out to her because this patient started her hormone replacement treatment past menopause and well into her retirement years. She originally came in with symptoms of overall weakness and fatigue, and muscle weakness. This current patient has been utilizing hormone treatments for 12 years now. The treatment has played a large role in keeping her independent, out of a nursing home, and buying her own groceries! 

What is Menopause? 

Menopause is thought to occur once a woman’s ovaries stop producing hormones, and also no longer have a period over the course of a year. They may experience hot flashes, night sweats, decline in overall energy. This occurs when ovaries are no longer producing Estrogen, Progesterone, or testosterone. All of these hormones are interconnected in relation to sleeping and stamina. 

Another Common Hormone Deficiency: Perimenopause

Perimenopause occurs 5-10 years prior to the onset of menopause. It is characterized by the decline and fluctuation of ovarian hormone production that causes women to experience many subjective signs or hormone deficiency. Lifestyle changes may improve perimenopause symptoms in some women, others may need hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone Deficiencies aren’t always below the surface.

Take a look at the stress and demand you have in your life. The more of these stressors present, the quicker your hormones will run out.  Each age group presents different possibilities for their symptoms. There is no specific age that determines when you hit menopause. Our specialists take into account multiple factors including diet, stressors, addition of hormones, modification of medications- in order to treat the symptoms of hormone deficiency. 

Common Misconceptions

Human growth hormone (HGH) injections are prescribed for people with hormone deficiencies. Despite some positive anti-aging effects that can result from taking growth hormones, they are not intended for this purpose. HGH is actually made from a combination of all natural nutrients including: Glutamine Peptides, Colostrum and Amino Acids, all proven to enhance the body’s natural production of HGH. HGH is effective in revitalizing the mind, and reversing attitudes, outlooks and expectations associated with aging. It increases concentration and thinking power, and tends to act as an antidepressant within the brain while being successful in energy enhancement. These positive treatment results definitely promote “anti-aging” effects, but the treatment is not actually preventing you from aging. 

What is Important!

Patient Education is very important to us. Women hesitate to talk about vaginal dryness, or the lack of sexual desire. It is painful for intimate contact which affects their sex life. Menopause doesn’t mean your sex life is over, that you will be depressed forever, or that your intimate relationship has to be negatively impacted. Don’t let your lack of hormones be the reason you are tired and irritable. Take action in promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle by talking to your doctor about your symptoms. Human Growth Hormone Therapy could be the answer you are looking for! 

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