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Functional Brain Performance Center

A natural, non-medicational approach to address the root cause of behavioral symptoms

Functional Neurology

The human brain is a hierarchy of 100 billion neurons that are precisely organized into functional neurological networks that directly interact with all functions of the human body. Research shows that these neurological networks function sub-optimally in a state of disease, inflammation, and poor nutrition. The Functional Brain Performance Center utilizes an integrative approach of diagnostic testing, functional medicine, and EEG Neurofeedback to rebalance underlying physiological systems and address lifestyle factors to optimize brain function and alleviate behavioral symptoms.

The Gut-Brain Axis

The Gut-Brain Axis comprises a complex connection of 500 million neurons and trillions of microbes that make up the enteric nervous system that is often referred to as the body’s “second brain.” Research shows that disruptions in this physical and biochemical connection directly affects digestion, mood, inflammation, cognitive decline, and overall brain function. The Functional Brain Performance Center utilizes diagnostic testing, and an integrative gastrointestinal repair & restore to address and repair GI dysfunction, so optimal brain function can be restored.

Brain Performance Center

A natural, non-medicational approach that treats all ages


Learning Disorders
Autism Spectrum

Anxiety and Depression




Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders
Chronic Pain

Integrative Treatment Approach

Comprehensive Functional Assessment

Diagnostic Testing

Strengthen the Gut-Brian Axis 

NeuroHealth Life Plan

The Integrative NeuroHealth treatment plan corrects imbalances and supports optimal brain growth and development through:

  • A personalized NeuroHealth nutrition plan
  • Nootropic nutritional supplementation
  • Brain-Body training routine
  • Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) prevention strategies
  • Cognitive enhancement activities
  • Mindfulness and behavioral modification strategies
  • Alternative anti-aging treatment protocols (IV therapy, nutrient injections, Hormone therapy, etc)

LENS Neurofeedback Brain Stimulation

  • LENS Neurofeedback is FDA 510k approved for brain relaxation and self-regulation to correct abnormal brain-wave activity and stimulate neuroplasticity
  • Stimulates the organization of brain networks to increase cognitive function, long-term potentiation, and plasticity
  • American Academy of Pediatrics reported the stimulation to be, “LEVEL 1 – Best support intervention for attention and hyperactivity behavioral issues”

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