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/Individual Service Agreement Unido

Individual Service Agreement Unido

All staff positions are temporary. A temporary job has no legal or other expectation of renewal or transformation, regardless of the length of service. In such cases, please contact: recruitment@unido.org The conditions of service of the staff of the United Nations University are governed by the Staff Regulations and Rules of the United Nations and the UNU Staff Policy. Staff positions include academic and administrative appointments in the professional (P), National Officer (NO) and General Services (GS) occupational categories. For scientific staff, the first order is usually made for a permanent term of one year. Subsequent appointment shall be subject to satisfactory results and shall be limited to a maximum period of three years. The sum of these temporary appointments (first occupation and renewal) may not normally exceed six years. UNIDO does not collect any application, processing, training, interview, test or other fees related to the application or recruitment process. If you have received an invitation to pay a fee, please ignore it. Vacancies within UNIDO are published on the official UNIDO website.

If you have any questions about persons or companies that claim to recruit on behalf of UNIDO and request the payment of a fee, please contact: recruitment@unido.org The general conditions for persons who are recruited as consultants are directly related to the work order provided for in the contract. A consultant may not accumulate more than 24 months of accrued benefit for a consecutive period of thirty-six months. The conditions of service of staff recruited under a PPE are not governed by the United Nations Regulations and Rules, but only by UNU personnel policy. For administrative staff, the first order is usually made for a period of one year. These temporary appointments may then be extended for a maximum of four years, subject to a satisfactory length of service. 3. I have created a candidate profile, does that mean I have applied? Establishing a candidate profile is not the same as submitting an application for a vacancy. If you wish to be considered for a particular position, you must create an application by first logging into your already established candidate profile and then selecting the position to be applied for or applying directly for that position. The application wizard guides you through the system. Receipt of applications for vacancies is always confirmed by return email.

Step b) After registration, you will receive an automatically generated email prompting you to confirm your email address….

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