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/Is Your Stay Part Of A Cooperation Agreement Daad

Is Your Stay Part Of A Cooperation Agreement Daad

German universities have, as in the whole world, a wide network of international partners. Through university cooperation, DAAD helps German universities to develop these networks. In some cases, you can possibly extend your stay to do just that. Your scientific advisor must confirm, in a “coaching letter” that you must submit when you apply, that he or she is ready to help you carry out your research project or doctorate. Ideally, the (informal) confirmation letter from your tutor Unless otherwise stated in the call for tenders, you can submit your application either in German or in English. Please note that applications that are not available in German or English must be translated into either German or English. Translations do not have to be certified for the application process and you can do the translations yourself. The DAAD supports international study and training partnerships with funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). SIAP awards scholarships to German students who carry out part of their work abroad at a partner university, with the added benefit of a waiver of tuition fees or a substantial reduction in tuition fees. German universities are encouraged to develop not only attractive courses for foreign students, but also accounting rules, cooperation strategies in terms of programmes and/or dual-degree structures that lead to a sustainable internationalisation of both partner institutions. Travel grants, scholarships, insurance and tuition fees (up to 50% of regular fees) are subsidized for German students; Funding for language courses and tutoring for students from Canada or the United States, as well as hospitality courses at partner institutions.

Funding for new projects is usually for two years of study, with a possible extension. For more information, please click here. In the eyes of DAAD, the end of a funding period marks the beginning of a long-standing relationship with us. Our goal is to stay in touch with our alumni and help you get to know each other through a number of programs and activities. We also help you create DAAD regional alumni clubs and other forms of networking. All documents must be sent to the International Students Office no later than 12 weeks before the start of the extension semester. You should send us the following documents so that we can assess your case: Your status and/or country of origin is not on the list? If your status and/or country of origin are not on the list, you cannot apply for this scholarship programme. To ensure that only the scholarship programs for which you can apply are displayed, please select your status and country of origin from the list of results (left column). Fellows who work part-time during their scholarship period, i.e.

who wish to carry out a professional activity, must always be approved by the DAAD. Your academic advisor or course coordinator must also give their consent. The DAAD checks whether the part-time employment does not affect the purpose of the scholarship. Additional income above €450 gross per month is deducted from the monthly scholarship payment….

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