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/Learning Agreement Usi

Learning Agreement Usi

3. Curriculum (Apprenticeship Agreement) On return, the student must present the original copy of the curriculum, signed by both the country of origin and the host universities. You must maintain your ICU connection status during the transition period. If you pass a mobility semester recognized as part of the criteria for obtaining a diploma (bachelor or master`s degree), you receive a 50% discount on the tuition of the USI semester. All ICU exchange agreements are based on a bilateral agreement that waives the payment by the partner university of tuition fees for nominated students. However, you are responsible for all other expenses related to your semester abroad. Keep in mind that although you exist for an exchange without study, there may be other fees you will have to pay at the host university: management fees, activity fees, library fees, etc. This year`s High School Business Day will offer group challenges and individual challenges and offer students the opportunity to apply for scholarships at the Romain College of Business, gain valuable experience and network with local teachers, ICU students and economists. This day is open to all high school students who are interested in learning and fun. Students can take part in one or both challenges or simply enjoy the day.

For more information and to register, please visit the Romain College of Business. The Heyning Roelli Foundation awards scholarships to talented but financially disadvantaged students for travel and living expenses. Scholarship recipients may be undergraduate and master`s students who wish to participate in an exchange program for one or two semesters at a partner university. Exchange programmes include the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP, ex-Erasmus) as well as other bilateral agreement programmes between Swiss and foreign universities. In these programs, students remain enrolled in their home university and continue their studies there after the end of their stay abroad. If you are applying for a payment plan, concession or grant, be sure to download and complete the corresponding application forms.

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