Age Management of West Michigan’s mission includes:

Build an open relationship between our patients and physicians to understand the patient’s symptoms and concerns to develop personalized treatment plans.

Optimize our patients’ health and well-being through an integrative approach to patient care that utilizes a blend of conventional, functional, and anti-aging medicine.

A multi-disciplinary use of the latest anti-aging medicine and integrative protocols to manage acute or chronic illnesses, auto immune disorders, hormonal imbalances, and mood/neurological disorders, and promote true preventative care through all stages of life.

Analyze our patients’ biochemistry through diagnostic testing to address underlying nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances.

Provide patient-centered medicine that allows patients to take an active role in managing their primary care and health care options based on their personal and individual goals.

Guide and educate our patients and community about the significance of proper nutrition, exercise, environmental factors, stress management, and lifestyle factors that promote good health as well as prevent the onset of disease and illness.

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