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Age Management of West Michigan practices an Integrative approach to primary care that uses traditional, functional, and alternative medicine principles to facilitate healing of the whole person. Some of our main goals are:

primary care

Build an open relationship between patient and physician to understand the patient’s symptoms and concerns to develop personalized treatment plans.

primary care

Analyze patient’s biochemistry through diagnostic testing to address underlying nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances.

primary care

Optimizing patients health and well-being through an integrative approach to primary care through a blend of traditional, functional, and alternative medicine disciplines.

primary care

Allow patients to take an active role in managing their primary care with health care options based on their personal and individual goals.

primary care

A multidisciplinary use of integrative therapies to manage acute or chronic illnesses, autoimmune disorders, hormonal imbalances, and mood /neurological disorders, and promote true preventative care through all stages of life.

primary care

Guide and educate our patients and community about the significance that proper nutrition, exercise, environmental factors, and lifestyle factors has on preventing the onset of disease and illness.

primary careWe will provide you services which revolve around evaluating your existing medical problem, reviewing and updating your health maintenance screening studies, optimizing hormone replacement therapy, replacing nutrient deficiencies and providing education on true prevention through wellness concepts (i.e. weight regulation and cleanse and detox).

primary careWhen evaluating your concerns we first look to rule out life-threatening issues along with evaluating your preexisting conditions. We also look to treat acute and chronic illnesses by identifying and removing the underlying cause of disease. We look to treat the whole person by offering treatment options entailing the perfect blend of traditional and holistic medicine. Educating and empowering patients to take charge of their health and well being.

Deficiencies identified are often replenished through natural means eliminating the undesired side effects that accompany most conventional prescription medications. A multidisciplinary approach of conventional, complimentary, and alternative treatment options to optimize patient treatment success. This is the Integrative Medicine Model followed by Age Management of West Michigan.

Age Management of West Michigan provides a relaxed environment with minimal wait times to make your visit an enjoyable and stress free experience. Our nursing staff will provide you with timely answers to all questions and concerns. Appointments are readily available with our providers with late night appointment hours provided for your convenience. Our providers are highly trained and dedicated in their fields to meet your needs. We also embrace and provide complimentary medical services such as acupuncture, LENS neurofeedback, infrared sauna, and IV nutrient therapy. Age Management of West Michigan strives to provide you with services designed to promote optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health.

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Age Management of West Michigan is currently accepting new patients. Most insurances accepted for primary care.

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