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/Scottish Government Model Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement

Scottish Government Model Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement

Your Scottish safe tenancy can be replaced by: you and your tenant can enter into this agreement by signing: the lease is the legal document you sign at the beginning of your lease. It contains the details of the contract between you and North Ayrshire Council. This section is just a summary. Once completed, you can download your lease as a Word or PDF document. You and your tenant can send a signed lease by email. You don`t need to print it. As a safe Scottish tenant, you can only be evicted from your home by court order. The landlord must have a reason (or a “floor”) to distribute you and, in some cases, they must leave you in a new home. As a safe Scottish tenant of the municipality, housing company or housing co-operative, your rent will likely be less than the rent charged by a private landlord.

Your landlord has the right to increase your rent, but must notify you at least four weeks in advance. In addition, they should consult with you before increasing your rent and should always consider your opinions. You can challenge the decision by making a request to the sheriff, but make sure you have advice first…

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