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Seasonal Affective Disorder Package

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Let’s face it. Michigan winter’s are downright depressing and dreary. The cold season causes us to retrea to our homes until spring finally arrives. If you are finding yourself stuck in a funk all of winter, you may be suffering from seasonal affective disorder. (S.A.D.) Due to the lack of sunlight during the daytime in winter, residents of michigan are more prone to SAD than more southern states.


Warning signs of SAD:

  • Less energy

  • Trouble Concentrating

  • Fatigue

  • Greater appetite

  • Increased desire to be alone

  • Desire to sleep 

  •  Weight Gain

In order to treat the symptoms and stay true to yourself through the winter season, Age Management of West MI has created a Seasonal Affective Disorder Package in order to deter the symptoms.

Intramuscular injections instantly bypass the digestive system to ensure 100 percent absorption of key amino acids, vitamins, and mineral nutrients in therapeutic dosages. This IV therapy is meant to treat Vitamin D deficiency. The body manufactures vitamin D from cholesterol, through a process triggered by the action of sunlight on skin, hence its nickname, “the sunshine vitamin.”  Yet some people do not make enough vitamin D from the sun, among them, people who have a darker skin tone, who are overweight, who are older, and who cover up when they are in the sun. With the use of a Vitamin D3 injection at 100,000 iu/ml 1 time a month, energy levels will increase while fatigue levels will significantly decrease.


Our supplement store offers multiple supplements that support optimal serotonin and dopamine levels. 

    • L-Tryptophan is an essential alpha-amino acid that is a precursor to the neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin. Supplementation with tryptophan has been shown in numerous clinical trials to be safe, well-tolerated, and supportive of well-being, calmness, relaxation, sleep, and appetite control. 

    • DopaBoostTM is designed to support the body’s natural production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with attention, learning, movement, balance, and mood regulation. It is frequently referred to as part of the brain’s “reward” system, as it can help promote a positive outlook, motivation, and balanced moods.


Another effect that the lack of light has on the human body is an Imbalanced Circadian Rhythm. Melatonin helps maintain the body’s circadian rhythm, the internal clock we all have running 24 hours per day. We can attribute our sleep/wake cycle to this process.

 The circadian timing system or circadian clock plays a crucial role in many biological processes, such as the sleep-wake cycle, hormone secretion, cardiovascular health, glucose homeostasis, and body temperature regulation. Energy balance is also one of the most important cornerstones of metabolic processes, whereas energy imbalance is associated with many diseases (i.e., obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease)

 The deterioration of the sleep-wake cycle, especially in healthy individuals, can be the main cause of many diseases such as premature mortality, obesity, impaired glucose tolerance, diabetes, psychiatric disorders, anxiety, depression, and cancer progression, fatigue, and loss of concentration 

By engaging in a melatonin treatment, the circadian components of the sleep-wake cycle commonly results in improved sleep quality. 


Lastly, our lens NeuroFeedback offers a unique and innovative way to rebalance and stimulate brain function. LENS is a form of Low Energy Neurofeedback that utilizes Electromagnetic Frequencies to stimulate the brain out of stuck, maladaptive brainwave patterns to restore homeostasis.   LENS works like a reset switch to reorganize neural brain networks and brain wave patterns for optimal performance. This results in its ability to show improvements in a wide range of conditions.

    • LENS has been extremely effective for both children and adults.   Since LENS is not treating a specific diagnosis, but instead optimizing overall performance of brain function, there is a significant improvement seen in a wide range of conditions and symptoms.

    • The average number of LENS treatments for most patients is around 16 sessions.   The frequency of treatment is 1 to 2 x weekly. Weekly LENS treatments take around 20 minutes per session. 

Seasonal Effective Disorder -Prevent the symptoms.

Don’t let seasonal affective disorder control your life. Wake up each day empowered and lively because life is too short to be anything less than exhilarating. Take action by researching our options, or by utilizing our SAD package to improve your seasonal affective disorder symptoms. 

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    Great article! Wish I lived closer to your office! But great information!

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