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/Sfsu Bookstore Rental Agreement

Sfsu Bookstore Rental Agreement

Normal use of highlights and writing is permitted. The bookstore will use the same standards to determine the acceptable condition of the rental books it uses to determine the status of books sold as used books. Worse still, owners and suppliers — including campus bookstores — actively discourage students from using the texts they rent, as wear and tear threatens the longevity of a book that the seller always wants to see re-rented. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, for example, warn students to continue to write and promote by reserving the right to charge the student a “buy-back price” for “excessive” labelling, which is normally akin to the cost of a new unused expense. But this example, however small, illustrates only a few of the changes in the hands of the book rental sector in higher education. It is also about ensuring that working-class and first-generation students are disproportionately affected by the textbook distribution system, which is considered “better value” for household-minded consumers. Renting a book may seem superficially sensible, as it can cost 20 to 30 percent less than buying a book, but the practice hurts students in the long run by preventing them from measuring their own progress, accessing texts and notes from previous classes or tasks, and viewing the effects of their training as cumulative. That, and it often costs them more. Yes! Rental manuals are subject to the same return policy as purchased manuals. Provided of course to have your receipt and send the manual in good condition, with all components such as CDs, etc. that were included in the manual when you rented it. If you return your book in the mail, it will have to be marked with a stamp within the refund period granted by your bookstore. The card in the file is charged a replacement and non-return shipping fee.

Replacement and non-return fees are charged to the credit card. The book will belong to you. The replacement fee is 75% of the new book price at the time of purchase. The non-return fee is 7.5% of the price of the new book at the time of purchase. These fees are in addition to the rental. “Just because a lot of our CSU campus bookstores have changed doesn`t mean it`s a good thing,” said Hellman, a board member of the bookstore. “The corporatization of higher education is a very frightening trend that we find ourselves in, and the fact that we might think that everything is best managed by big business is really worrying.” As a courtesy, we will send you a reminder message to the email address you indicated during your rental fund and to your rental agreement. However, it is your responsibility to return the book until the due date, even if you do not receive this email. Please remember that rental books are due on the last day of the final – or must be reseated by the last day of the final. Indeed, working-class and first-generation students will eventually find themselves in the growth of textbook rentals, which reflects the type of manipulative credit and leasing practices in other sectors. Education expert Mike Caulfield, for example, compares book rent to pill splitting, where consumers try to pay too much for prescription drugs by acquiring higher doses and then halving their pills. The dangers of pill splitting are serious (and involve the possibility of overdose), but working-class consumers tend to ignore them in the search for an economically viable way to get what they need.

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