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/Spa Management Agreement

Spa Management Agreement

Wellness Resort Management Management Agreements also differ, as the owner may decide to sell all residential real estate that is part of the wellness resort. It is then customary for the operator to levy an additional mark tax of about 5 per cent on the total selling price. The decision on the proper financial structure of the agreement is the first step and, as a rule, one of the two financial models is adopted. First, there is a income portion model. This would lead the hotel to get a percentage of the best income line from the spa, and nothing more. Then there is what I call the fairy and profit model. With this model, the spa operator receives a percentage of the spa-GOR (gross operating turnover) and a percentage of the GoP Spa (gross operating income). The rest of the GOP is kept by the hotel. Let`s take a closer look at the variations in these models. On the other hand, it is recommended that hotel owners negotiate in the short term, an option for one of the parties not to renew or terminate the contract, a guarantee or a service if the operator is maintained to fill the deficits, and the possibility of terminating the sale of the hotel or if the service is not satisfied. Another reason to reassess the force majeure clause is to determine how to use it for the future of a property. If, at the expiry of the leniency disclosure, certain conditions and obligations have not yet been met, the owner or operator is free to adopt a case of force majeure to terminate the contract. For example, if the owner feels that the hotel`s business model is too risky and wants to transform the hotel, he can use force majeure as a reason for terminating the contract.

This should be implemented with caution. If the termination is perceived for a reason other than the effects of COVID-19, this could result in legal action and ongoing litigation. Like generic hotel management agreements, wellness station management agreements last an average of 20 years and use the same business model in which the operator receives a percentage of gross operating revenue (GOR) and gross operating margin for the management of the current real estate business. The above clauses were influenced by COVID-19 or the pandemic revealed its weaknesses, and each should be adapted and renegotiated after each hotel and contract. Please contact us at the, we would be happy to offer you our services, evaluate your management agreement and develop an action plan to help you move forward.

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