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/Subject Verb Agreement Online Activities

Subject Verb Agreement Online Activities

In this case, dictate to students a few sentences with different themes and verbs. In addition to checking, it also helps students with spelling, punctuation, and hearing abilities. Then check the sentences together in class. A simple way to reinforce or introduce the correspondence between the subject and the verb is to give students a quick reading passage with different examples. Next, students must quickly scan the text and highlight themes and verbs. After that, they can compare the examples found with a partner and finally with the whole class. Then each student must make a sentence with a subject and a verb. Some examples: Then the teacher says a theme and the basic form of a verb (he eats). The student must write it correctly (He eats). Then the next student must finish the sentence.

The first team to do this correctly gets a point. Continue until everyone has a chance to play. Teaching the overrealization of subjects and verbs is a relatively simple concept that even beginners can understand in English. Use a few sample sentences in context, and then provide students with plenty of opportunities to practice both writing and speaking. Offer a soft error correction. Basketball Subject Verb Agreement Game In this online game, students have one minute to choose the right verb for each basketball game. Wrong answers score for the other team. Available in “simpler” and “more difficult” versions.

Designed for elementary school students; This website has ads. When I teach children, I never go to class without cards! You are simply such a valuable teaching tool and there are many games and activities you can do with them. This relay game takes something old (error correction) and remakes it by adding elements of teamwork and collaboration! In this case, you could focus most of the errors on the theme and verb. Then say a topic and the student must make a sentence with that topic and its verb, and then end the sentence somehow. Simple but effective! Use this simple warm-up activity to check the subject/verb chords at the beginning of teaching. Or as a quick test at the end. The operation consists of writing a number of sentences on the whiteboard or PowerPoint. Some have mistakes, others do not. In this case, you should focus on the questions and overestimations.

As you can see, these types of questions are an easy way to check the basics. To see some of my favorite activities I do with them, look at this list here: As you can see, there are a lot of correct uses of topic correspondence. As students write their sentences, flow through the courses and focus your error correction on it. Read more here: One way to make them more valuable and memorable is to remove some of the words. In this case, it is either the verb or the subject. Then, when students read it with a partner, they also have to fill in the gaps. It turns it from a kind of mindless activity into a much more difficult activity..

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