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When you read or go online to find information about losing weight and decreasing body fat, you find all kinds of information about the importance of your nutritional food choices, calorie intake, exercise, and daily energy expenditure. Which all play a major role in weight management and weight loss success.
When metabolism is being addressed in conventional medicine the attention goes primarily to thyroid function, hormone levels, and cardiovascular health. Which again play a role in weight management and weight loss success. But the one organ in the body that plays the biggest role in managing your metabolism and fat burning abilities rarely gets any attention. Your Liver. I still remember many, many years back at MSU in anatomy class when my professor stated that the Liver was the most important organ in your body. That little tidbit of info stuck with me all these years as I have helped thousands of individuals lose weight and improve their health through diet and exercise. I like to refer to the Liver as the Rodney Dangerfield of organs, because it gets “No Respect”.

The Liver plays a role in nearly every metabolic process in the human body.
 Digestion, processing, and utilization of fat (most fat burning all takes place in the Liver!)
 Metabolism and Production of Amino Acids
 Regulate glucose / storing of glucose as liver glycogen
 Carbohydrate metabolism / Insulin and blood sugar stabilization
 Cholesterol production and removal
 Storage and metabolism of fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E, and K)
 Hormone regulation
 Thyroid function: Site of T4 to T3 conversion
 Drug and Toxin metabolism (Main role)

How to support Liver Health

At Age Management of West Michigan we start out all our weight loss patients on a one week cleanse to detoxify and reduce toxic burden to optimize Liver function and overall body metabolism. Utilizing supplements that support Liver health are also recommended to most of our patients as they go through their weight loss journey to improved health and well-being. So Liver health and function is a top priority for patients at AMWM, and should be a top priority for any individual who is trying to lose weight.

AMWM uses a product called Dual-Tox to support cleanses and healthy liver function. This product contains a variety of recommended vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and herbs that support the Liver.

Individual supplements like Milk Thistle, NAC, and TUDCA are some of the more recommended individual Liver support supplements.
IV drip and injection glutathione are more advanced options available to support Liver function.

Processed foods that contain artificial ingredients, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup put an extremely high load of stress on the liver to process and should be eliminated. Alcohol is another drug that puts a high demand of stress on the Liver, and should be avoided during any weight loss program. Getting a complete Liver panel blood work test from your physician is the best way to initially determine Liver health and function. Give your Liver the respect and attention that it deserves for all that it does for you on a daily basis, especially if your goal is to achieve weight loss success.

1959 East Paris Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

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