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Wellness Spa at Age Management

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Age Management of West Michigan’s mission is to assist patients in aging gracefully through a multi-disciplinary use of the latest anti-aging medicine and integrative protocols to manage acute or chronic illnesses, auto immune disorder, hormonal imbalances, and mood/neurological disorders, and promote true preventative care through all stages of life.

Educating our patients about the significance that proper nutrition, exercise, environmental factors, stress management, and lifestyle factors has on promoting good health and quality of life.

The Wellness Spa at Age Management of West Michigan adds to that anti-aging mission by addressing the importance of managing the health of the skin during the aging process.

The Wellness Spa is committed to using the healthiest and most effective skin care products and cutting edge treatments to address your specific skin concerns and enhance your overall skin health and well-being. Promoting healthy lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise, our focus is to tailor a skin care treatment plan specifically targeting each patient’s individual needs. Our goal is for our patients to obtain optimal skin health and balance of the mind, body, and soul.

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