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/What Is A Security Trustee Agreement

What Is A Security Trustee Agreement

If contractual and fiduciary relations coexist, it is the contract that is fundamental because it governs the fundamental rights and obligations of the parties. Fiduciary duties are not superimposed on the contract in order to modify its operation. Therefore, if the parties cannot completely exclude fiduciary duties, they can regulate their scope. Most funding agreements limit the scope of the trustee`s role in security in the same way that they would limit the scope of the agent`s role. Blue Water Capital is an FCA authorized company and provides the Security Trustee service. If you need more information on how Blue Water Capital can help your business, contact us. In other words, while an unsecured securities trustee is a trustee in some respects and therefore has fiduciary duties, he or she does not necessarily have a fiduciary role with respect to everything he or she does. In order to determine whether a security trustee is subject to a particular fiduciary duty, it is necessary to examine the specific obligation in conjunction with the contractual scope of the obligation. What would happen if a securities trustee was not used in a debt transaction? Mandaris Trustees (Malta) Ltd is an independent trust company fully authorised under the Trusts and Trustees Act in Malta to act as a security trustee capable of acting impartially as a security trustee. Mandaris offers the opportunity to take advantage of the use of a security trustee in commercial structures through its professional trust company Mandaris Trustees (Malta) Ltd, a fully licensed trust company recognised under the Trusts and Trustees Act. If a securities trustee is not present in a debt transaction and a bond issuer does not comply with contractually agreed coupon payments, it is very difficult for bondholders to recover their invested capital.

If payment obligations are not met, each bondholder should take legal action against the issuer independently in search of compensation. The large number of lawsuits brought against the issuer of the bond or bond would likely consume the issuer`s remaining assets in legal fees. Mandaris Trustees (Malta) Ltd., a fully licensed trust company recognised under the Trusts and Trustees Act and a subsidiary of Coprolin SCC plc, offers independent issuers the opportunity to take advantage of the use of a securities trustee in commercial structures. Mandaris understands the complexity of structured finance transactions as it has been involved in a number of securitisation transactions through its affiliated securitisation platform Coprolin. .

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