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What is LENS?

LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) is an FDA 501K approved form of neurofeedback that utilizes weak electromagnetic frequencies to directly stimulate brain relaxation and self-regulation. LENS stimulates the brain out of maladaptive brainwave patterns, allowing the brain to reset and restore homeostasis for optimal function and performance. LENS is remarkably effective with over 85% of patients receiving significant benefits. Results are seen quickly, within 6 to 20 sessions, compared to traditional biofeedback where 30 to 40 sessions are needed. LENS also requires no retraining activities, so weekly treatment sessions range around 20 minutes, which makes it great for children. Once symptoms are resolved, there is usually no need for continued sessions since the results are long-term.

Brain Map before and after neuro feedback.


Low Energy Neurofeedback System

    • LENS is FDA 510K approved for brain relaxation and regulation

    • Positively stimulates the brain out of maladaptive patterns to restore balanced brain-wave activity, reorganize neural networks, and increase brain plasticity

    • EEG Brain Mapping monitors positive changes in brain-wave amplitudes and neural energy/plasticity

    • Long-term results for both adults and children with over 85% success rate

A natural, non-medicational approach that treats all ages

ADHD in children

Learning Disorders
Autism Spectrum

stressful work life


stress affecting brain usage


Sleep troubles, insomnia

Sleep Disorders
Chronic Pain

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LENS is a form of Low Energy Neurofeedback that utilizes Electromagnetic Frequencies to stimulate the brain out of stuck, maladaptive brainwave patterns to restore homeostasis.   LENS works like a reset switch to reorganize neural brain networks and brain wave patterns for optimal performance. This results in its ability to show improvements in a wide range of conditions.

LENS involves an EEG unit that measures and records electrical signals (brain waves) from the scalp, and using those frequencies as the source of feedback to stimulate positive changes in brain wave patterns and function.   The EEG signals influence the electromagnetic feedback and the brain self-adjusts, self-regulates, harmonizes, and corrects any dysfunction. The feedback changes the quantity and frequency of the recorded brainwave signals which optimize overall brain function.

LENS has been extremely effective for both children and adults.   Since LENS is not treating a specific diagnosis, but instead optimizing overall performance of brain function, there is a significant improvement seen in a wide range of conditions and symptoms

Yes.   Children, adolescents, and teenagers have shown remarkable progress with LENS treatment for issues such as anxiety, ADD, ADHD, anger, explosive behavior, learning disabilities, motivation, and autism spectrum disorders.   Most see improvements over only a few sessions.

Over 80% of people who have used LENS have reported significant long term benefits and relief of symptoms.   

The average number of LENS treatments for most patients is around 16 sessions.   The frequency of treatment is 1 to 2 x weekly. Weekly LENS treatments take around 20 minutes per session.

LENS is a 510K FDA-certified class II device which is considered safer than most 510K biofeedback and neurofeedback devices.   There have been no documented negative long-term negative side effects from LENS treatments. LENS does not affect healthy brainwaves, it only affects stuck, non-adaptable brain wave patterns to reorganize neural pathways and optimize overall brain function.   Occasionally, some patients may experience short lived side effects of feeling wired or foggy for a couple hours after treatment. Recurrence or a slight increase in symptoms may occur the first week of treatments, before dramatic improvement in symptoms is observed.

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