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Age Management of West Michigan

Integrative Medicine

Conventional, Functional, and Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine located in Grand Rapids MI.
Dr. Shahnaz Ali            Dr. Piyush Bhatnagar

The Semaglutide Medical Weight Loss Program utilizes Semaglutide GLP-1 injections along with a 16 week nutrition program to promote successful long term weight loss.   Semaglutide is the newest FDA approved medication available for weight loss.   Semaglutide promotes a decrease in appetite to support a low calorie diet and stabilizes insulin levels to keep the body in a fat burning state.   Age Management of West Michigan's Semaglutide Medical Weight Loss Program is unique by providing a structured program of nutrition, exercise, biometric screening, Vitamin B12 injections, and behavioral modification techniques along with bi-weekly nutritionist consultations for guidance to build healthy habits for long term success.      

Semaglutide Medical Weight Loss Program

16 Week Program

Weeks 1-4:  0.25mg Injection

Weeks 5-8:  0.5mg Injection

Weeks 8-12:  1.0mg Injection

Weeks 13-16:  1.7mg Injection

Dosing Schedule:  One Injection Weekly

Weeks 17+:  2.4mg Injection

16 Week Program Includes:

  • Semaglutide Injections

  • Bi-weekly Nutritionist Consultation

  • Nutrition and Exercise Program

  • Bi-Weekly B-12 Injections

  • BIA Composition Measurements

Participant's must have BMI > 27 to be eligible to participate.   Physician appointment for prescreening and program participation approval required.  Semaglutide program participants are required to attend bi-weekly consultations for monitoring and support.   Semaglutide injections are dispersed to patient at bi-weekly appointments and self-administered at home.  Patients unable to attend bi-weekly appointments must get pre-approval to do virtual or phone consultations instead of in person visits.   All participants are required to do a physician follow up at week 8 and 16 of the program.   After the initial 16 week program, participants are not required to attend bi-weekly consultations to purchase monthly semaglutide injections (2.4mg long term dosing).


Real Food Diet
Physician Supervision
Bi-Weekly Nutritionist / Health Coach Consults
Bi-Weekly Vitamin B12 Nutrient Injections
Lifestyle Modification Techniques / Exercise Program
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Medical Grade Nutritional Supplements
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Red Light Therapy
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