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LENS Neurofeedback

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Dr. Shahnaz Ali            Dr. Piyush Bhatnagar


LENS is an FDA approved treatment for Brain Relaxation and Regulation

What is LENS?

  • LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) is an FDA 501K approved form of neurofeedback to stimulate brain relaxation and self-regulation.

  • Utilizes Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) to directly stimulate the reorganization of brain network patterns to increase cognitive function, strengthen stress resilience, and restore brain plasticity.

  • LENS stimulates the brain out of maladaptive patterns to restore balanced brain-wave activity, reorganize neural networks, and increase brain plasticity

  • Faster results. Results with LENS are seen within 12 to 16 sessions, compared to traditional biofeedback where 30 to 40 sessions are needed.

  • No retraining activities. Weekly treatment sessions range around 20 minutes, which makes it great for children.

  • EEG Brain Mapping to monitor positive changes in brain-wave amplitudes and neuroplasticity.

  • Long-term results for both adults and children with over 85% success rate

EEG Brain Mapping monitors positive changes
in brain-wave amplitudes and neuroplasticity

LENS stimulates the brain out of disorganized, low-functioning patterns…


To restore balanced patterns for optimal cognitive performance!

A natural, non-medication approach that effectively treats a variety of symptoms for all ages


ADD & ADHD / Focus
Learning Disorders / ASD


Anxiety / Depression / Memory


Concussion PTSD TBI

Sleep Disorders Migraines
Chronic Pain

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