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Peptide MK677 Ibutamoren


Ibutamoren is a non-peptide growth hormone (GH) secretagogue that mimics the GH stimulating action of the hormone ghrelin.  Ibutamoren has clinically demonstrated the ability to increase endogenous release of GH as well as insulin like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) without the adverse increase of prolactin or cortisol often seen with GHRPs. 

How does MK677 increase Growth Hormone release?

Ibutamoren mimicks the action of the hormone ghrelin and binds to ghrelin receptors (GHSR) in the hypothalamus.   The activated GHSR receptors signal the anterior pituitary to increase the amplitude and frequency of growth hormone release pulses.

MK677 is utilized by patients for its ability to both increase lean muscle, bone density, and promote overall growth and recovery from exercise.

MK677 / Ibutamoren Benefits

  • Increase Lean body mass

  • Increase bone density through increasing calcium retention and mineralization of bone.

  • Accelerate healing and recovery from activity/exercise/injury.

  • Increase energy and vitality

  • Increase sexual performance and desire

  • Improved mental clarity (improved memory, decrease depression)

  • Improve sleep quality by promoting non-REM slow wave sleep

  • Enhanced immune system function

  • Improved skin health and elasticity

  • Strengthen the heart and all organ systems

  • Increase protein synthesis

  • Increase IGF-1 production

MK677 / Ibutamoren Administration

25mg oral capsule / 1 x daily

MK677 / Ibutamoren risks and side effects

  • Increase in appetite

  • Transient edema and fluid retention

  • Transient joint and muscle pain 

  • Bloating

  • Elevated fasting blood glucose

MK677 and Sermorelin:  The ultimate HGH stack

MK677 and Sermorelin can be administered in combination to stimulate natural human growth hormone production and release.   Since MK677 stimulates HGH production via ghrelin pathways and Sermorelin stimulates HGH production via GHRH (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone) pathways they can work synergistically to optimize HGH levels.

MK677 can be used in conjunction with following treatments:

  • TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy​

  • BHRT / Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • BPC157 / Body Protecting Compound 157

  • AOD9604 / Anti Obesity Drub 9604

  • KPV

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