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MY CHOICE Adolescent Weight Management Program

MY CHOICE to eat healthier
MY CHOICE to be more active
MY CHOICE to feel better


Adolescent Weight Management Program

MY CHOICE is a comprehensive 12 Week adolescent weight management program that offers positive guidance and motivation to adolescents to achieve successful weight loss and lifestyle changes for long term health and weight management. Empowering adolescents to take an active role in their health and well-being through development of proper nutrition and exercise habits, along with education on how these changes affect the body’s metabolism and physiological functions. Ages 10 and up.

“Lost 23lbs but more than that I found a life long program to help me maintain my weight.  Now I’m in great shape and look forward to continued success”  SR

“This program was a great jump start to a healthier lifestyle.  Met my weight loss goal and I’m well on my way to a life of better habits and I feel great!”  GS

” Great program.  Easy to follow and very happy with everyone.  Great results.”  JS

” Program was great!!  Support from my nutritionist was very helpful and encouraging.  Would recommend this program to friends and family.”  MM

“Had amazing success in achieving my weight loss goals.  I am thrilled to have lost fat and actually gained muscle while on the program.” ML

“Learned how to eat and exercise to lose weight.  I now eat whole foods and avoid fast food.   I now feel much better about myself and my appearance” DJ


12 Week Weight Management Nutrition Plan

  • Real Food Diet
  • Meal Plans and Recipes
  • Meal Planner and Weekly Journal

Exercise Program

  • Structured 12 week program to build long term exercise habits
  • Weight Training / Cardiovascular / Flexibility / Yoga / Plyometric Routines

Weekly Nutritionist / Health Coach Consultations

  • Weekly weigh in / Diet and exercise review
  • Weekly nutrition education topics
  • Weekly guidance, support, accountability, and motivation

Physician Grade Supplements

  • Metabolism support
  • Gastrointestinal and microbiome support
  • Immune system support

RJL Bioimpedance Assessment

  • Pre / Post Bioimpedance assessment
  • Accurate monitoring of weight loss results and body composition

24 / 7 Online Support

  • Nutritionist / Health Coach Support
  • Physician supervised

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1959 East Paris Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

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