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Internal Medicine

Functional Medicine

Anti-Aging Medicine

Optimizing patient health & well being through an integrative approach that utilizes a blend of internal, functional, and anti-aging medicine.

Providing the future of medicine today.

Age Management of West Michigan’s Integrative Medicine approach provides conventional internal medicine care, along with the latest functional and anti-aging medicine treatments. This integrative approach provides a broader spectrum of patient care that offers patients a variety of options for both the treatment and prevention of disease.   A holistic health care experience that emphasizes lifestyle medicine along with providing patient access to the latest medical advances in diagnostic testing, medical devices, peptides, and regenerative medicine treatments available.  This integrative approach gives patient's treatment options to individualize patient care based on the patient's unique physiological needs and desires.  A new approach to patient care that empowers the patient to take an active role in disease prevention and promoting long term health and well being. 

Start of Summer Sale

June 12 -16th
Sunshine Vitamin Sale
75% OFF Vitamin C injections ($20/now $5)
Vitamin D injections (Buy 2 / Get 1 Free)

June 19-23
Peptides and Supplement Sale
10% off all Supplements 
10% off Peptides
AOD9604  /  MK677(Ibutamoren) / KPV  /  NAD+ (3 month c

June 26-30
B Healthy Sale
75% off Methyl B12 injections ($20 / now $5)
50% off Lipo B / Glutathione / Preworkout Bi-Amino injections
Hair, Skin, and Nails injections (But 2 / Get 1 Free)

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