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Anti Obesity Drug  AOD9604

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AOD9604 has two methods of Regulating Fat Burning
  1. Enhances lipolytic activity by increasing Beta 3 receptor expression in fat cells.  Beta 3 receptors are the major lipolytic receptor found in fat cells that increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation (burning).
  2. Inhibits lipogenesis (formation of new fat cells) in adipocytes by down regulating fatty acid synthase and indirectly reducing sensitivity of fat cells (adipocytes) to insulin.

AOD 9604

AOD9604 or “Anti Obesity Drug” is a peptide fragment of HGH.  AOD is an amino acid peptide chain replicated from the last 15 amino acids in Human Growth Hormone that are responsible for the fat burning and metabolism effects.   This peptide promotes weight loss and metabolism by stimulating the body to burn and process stored body fat as well as inhibits the development of new fat cells.   AOD9604 also has shown to also improve the body’s ability to recover and repair muscles and soft tissue from exercise and injury.   This makes it a great peptide for patients who are trying to lose weight and add lean muscle with exercise.  
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Theresa lost over 100lb in 6 months!


Steven lost over 80 lb


Katie lost 90 lb in only 6 months


Kim lost 115 lb


Ross lost over 80 lb

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