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Are your symptoms because of mold?

There are hundreds upon hundreds of mold species. A majority live in harmony with humans, rarely contributing to disease. But there are 200 that are known to cause serious illness, due to the build-up of mycotoxins. The body can identify and eliminate 75% of mycotoxins. However, the remaining 25%, if left untreated can result in systemic inflammation and begin to affect other body systems.

The most common route of exposure is from inhalation inside water-damaged buildings. Another exposure is from contaminated food and water. Mold toxicity often presents with non-specific health symptoms that overlap with other chronic conditions. Common symptoms include:

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle weakness

  • Headaches

  • GI symptoms

  • Chronic sinus congestion

  • Rashes and skin outbreaks

  • Dizziness

Ingested mycotoxins can alter our gut microbiota and lead to disrupted intestinal integrity, and a thinned mucosal membrane. In many cases, those with mold exposure also have a higher susceptibility to Candida spp.

Treating mold illness and facilitating the elimination of mycotoxins, involves several factors. Eliminating (if possible) environmental exposure, dietary changes, breakdown, and removal of harmful mycotoxins and biofilms.

If you have been exposed to mold and can’t seem to find the reason behind your chronic symptoms, it may be mycotoxin toxicity. We can test for the presence of mycotoxins and establish the necessary treatment protocol. To get started on testing or the treatment regimen, give us a call.


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