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Major benefits to using NAD+ injections

NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is a coenzyme critical to every cell and many metabolic processes in our bodies. NAD+ facilitates and catalyzes some of the most important cellular processes in our bodies. While your body produces its own NAD, levels begin to drop as people age. Because NAD is found in every cell, depletion can negatively impact every system in your body in one way or another.

NAD supports healthy aging, helps our DNA repair itself, makes our cells resistant to stress while protecting our brains, and helps us eat and sleep at the right times. Whether you’re dealing with chronic fatigue due to illness or simply experiencing the effects of aging, NAD+ injections offer numerous benefits:

  • Increases mental cognition and results in better mental clarity, greater concentration, and better memory.

  • Improves metabolism and restores energy resulting in better physical performance and greater endurance.

  • Benefits conditions such as depression, anxiety, addictive tendencies, and mood disorders.

  • Resets circadian rhythms and improves sleep quality.

  • Slows the overall aging process and age-related conditions.

High-quality oral supplements may help boost NAD, but they often lose their potency during digestion. Much of the beneficial properties never actually make it to your cells. Once it enters your circulatory system, NAD is quickly transported to the cells throughout your body that need it the most. Injection of NAD+ seems to be secure and well-tolerated. Side effects may include headache, shortness of breath and constipation.

The production of NAD+ provides an edge when it comes to the anti-aging game, allowing us to slow down the aging process and boost mitochondrial function.

Recommended dosing is 50mg twice weekly for 2 weeks, then three times weekly for 2 weeks.


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