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Weight Loss Nutrition Step One: Remove processed foods

Getting started with losing weight can be very overwhelming, confusing, and down right intimidating for most people. With so much information out there from all the experts and the unlimited nutrition and diet plans to follow, it is hard to know who and what to listen to for guidance. My recommendation for most patient’s is don’t worry about what plan and caloric range you are going to follow at the start and keep it simple. Your starting point and your initial nutrition goals should be to eat real foods and eliminate the processed foods from your diet. Once you are eating a diet of only real and whole foods, then you can start to put together a more structured diet plan of caloric ranges, nutrient timing, and

macronutrient intake. Eliminating toxic processed foods and giving your body the nutrient rich real foods is the key to achieving long term weight loss success.

The FDA currently allows over 10,000 different chemicals to be allowed into foods sold in the United States. These chemicals promote a toxic environment of inflammation and imbalance in the body that creates a poor metabolic environment resulting in the storage of body fat and weight gain. Only when

you eliminate the toxic burden on your body from processed foods and bring down inflammation will your body’s metabolism start to function effectively and allow you to lose weight. Eating real foods like fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and lean proteins provide the body with the necessary macro and micronutrients that it needs to function at a high rate of metabolic efficiency.

So set yourself up for success and make your initial goal for the first 4 weeks on your weight loss journey to eat clean and remove processed foods. Doing this will dramatically bring down inflammation that will allow your body to start burning fat, but more importantly allow you to sleep better, move better, and feel better. Seeing early results gives you the motivation to continue with your healthy lifestyle changes and bring you to your final destination of long-term weight loss success.

We can't emphasize the importance of eating real food. Looking for a more individualized nutrition plan? We can help get you on track, schedule a consultation with our functional medicine team.


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